Lost and Found Photography

A project of lost and found photography which will expand and grow over time as I discover more objects and items either dropped, misplaced or discarded.

The project evolved from a personal 50mm photography project which started in 2007 and is still on going. Whilst shooting for my 50mm F/1.8 project I focused on many different subjects but mainly in the realms of observational photography. Soon after starting this project I found another theme starting to emerge rather rapidly, lost and found photography.

There has always been a fascination with lost or disregarded items. These items seem to follow similar trends such as one glove and one shoe. Often I will find babies dummies, children’s toys and sometimes I find the oddest object, such as false teeth or a miniature television.

The lost items are more than often placed by others in a more convenient way or space. Hoping others become aware of the presence of the object, or hoping they will be found by the owner. This brings a challenge to photograph the objects in an interesting and engaging manner. I will walk around the object 360 degrees when possible and take photographs from different angles to find a perfect composition.

The composition of each photograph is one of the most important elements to this project. It is a way of presenting the object in a unique way. I choose to shoot all objects with a 50mm lens and at an aperture of F/1.8 regardless of place, light and its surroundings. By using a wide aperture I am able to isolate each object and help focus the viewer on the importance of the subject matter.

Each object is alone, lost in its own world of shallow focus.

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