August is an abstract photography and line drawing collaboration between myself and artist Mark Lander.

Mark works primarily in drawing. His work explores environmental processes, landscape and documentation.

Over many years we have discussed ideas and concepts surrounding a shared ideology, emotional reactions to landscape exploration, and the appreciation for the local surroundings. We set out to create a personal collaboration encompassing many past ideas which would end up as a tangible and collectable piece of art.

One half of the collected images are emotional recreations derived from representations of sea or landscapes. These depict a life thrown into turmoil and displacement, with only the faintest glimmer of hope that life will return to normal.

The remaining images presented represent a desperate attempt to position and plot a safe path at sea by following a remembered five second sweep of light from a lighthouse long since abandoned.

Together, the collected images offer one interpretation of what it means to be disorientated, and like a letter sent home from an unplanned journey, chart our attempt at regaining a sense of awareness, clarity and positioning.


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