Over time I have built a collection of other peoples photographic negatives and slides from car boot sales, second hand shops and friends. In a world of ever changing disposable digital photography we skip, click and swipe through images at a glance.

With older negatives, slides and prints we tend to take a little more time exploring each image. Perhaps they hold more meaning due to existing physically and were owned by someone. They possibly indicate that they were or are someones memories.

These slides were passed onto me, stored in the worst damp conditions imaginable for photographic slides. Over time they had become a victim of an organic process which completely altered the image. Bringing in new textured details and new found psychedelic colours.

Long forgotten at the back of a garden shed, a box of photographic slides was discovered. Held to the light the slides presented images of an unknown time and place but with a recognisable theme, an airshow.

Decayed by moisture, mould and time, these images explore how moments deemed at one time special enough to capture and remember can become abandoned and forgotten. Airshow exists to remind us how easily the familiar can become so alien.


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