Snowfall – Suffolk Winter Landscapes

Winter landscape photography
Snowfall, a collection of Winter Landscape Photography

It can be said that winter is not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of seasons. Some people far prefer the heat of summer, the cool breeze of spring or the shift of colours in Autumn. Winter can feel like a long season, cold, damp and dark. There is however no denying that a sprinkling of snow can transform even familiar surroundings into a picturesque winter wonderland.

When the snow starts to fall there is a part of me that jumps for joy as I know it will be a great opportunity to shoot some winter landscape photography. This gallery celebrates just that, it’s a collection of some of my favourite landscape photos. The photos were taken in and around the area where I reside. Often familiar scenes to myself have been transformed into soft white landscapes. Some of the photos stretch back to roughly 8 years ago when the U.K experienced a complete white out across the country.

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