Hi ISO . Hello Grain

An experimental series that looks at using a technique of grain and texture I had previously been experimenting with in landscape photography by using high ISO photography.

I became increasingly interested at how I could use the website www.unsplash.com for a source of creativity. If you’re not familiar with this website, it is a stock image site which offers images for free. There is no doubt a wonderful range of quality photography on Unplash and I was inspired to use other photographers street photography and urban compositions and shape it into my own vision and ultimately transform them into another world. A world that takes great inspiration from classic street photography and also graphic comics. A final results that would contain high contrast, grain, blur and texture.

All of the final photographs are composite images made from a minimum of two photographs downloaded from Unsplash. I’d look mainly for silhouette based photographs that involved a human element and composite these into urban scenes or shaped based compositions.

Each image when finalised was printed onto regular A4 paper, placed on a LED light board which provided backlighting and then photographed at a high ISO. From this you capture the texture of the paper and have an overall strong presence of grain via the high ISO. The images were then converted to black and white in post-processing.

An instagram profile exists as an outlet for some of this style which can be found here.

The name High ISO . Hello Grain was created as a blog to feature only high ISO photography which then provides a high grain image. Over the years the name has stuck but the subject matters have changed and refined.

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