Hunstanton Sunset – Seascape Photography

Hunstanton Sunset Seascape Photography

A Hunstanton sunset is a must photograph to take if you live or are visiting East Anglia. Hunstanton is a fairly unique place on the North Norfolk coast due to the only town in East Anglian which you’re able to witness a sunset out at sea due to the town facing west.

It’s a popular destination for many people but it’s highly unlikely not to see a photographer patiently waiting with a tripod on the shoreline to capture a Hunstanton sunset.┬áThe shoreline is also fairly unique due to the vast amounts of rounded boulder type rocks which are great for foreground subject matter which i’ve used in this seascape. Hunstanton’s tide whether incoming or outgoing can really feel like it picks up pace as the beach is extremely long and flat. I took several shots of this rock and before i knew it the incoming tide had completely submerged my subject matter and my feet… best wear some wellies next time!

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