Grain Photography . London Abstracts

grain photography

Grain Photography with a High ISO in London

I decided to experiment lately with grain photography and Intentional Camera Movement photography. This and the below shot were taken on a Fuji X100 with a high ISO and ICM. Here i experiment with a more abstract street photography approach and for me it’s returning to a style i shot when i first started my journey with photography. The Fuji X100 for me doesn’t have the same noise/grain likability as my Canon 7D, but there is no denying the camera is fantastic!

I have experimented with grain photography since i started photography when i was 16. I used a lot of Fuji Neopan 1600 and Kodak T-Max 3200 where i had access to a darkroom when i was a photography student. Experimenting with grain photography in the darkroom is possibly one of my fondest memories when i first started photography. The grain when using film and printing traditionally is some what organic, which i have always felt digital has never reproduced well, even with some of the amazing plugins out there. One great thing when printing traditionally and experimenting with grain photography is the ability to enlarge the image to enhance the grain, something that seems lost with digital. With a little help from plugins and a higher ISO when using the Fuji X100 or my Canon 7D i can live with the results i have achieved so far.

Grain Photography by Liam Frankland

I’ve also experimented with grain photography in black and white abstract photos.

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