Abstract Expressionism Photography

I have recently been exploring the idea of Abstract Expressionism photography within my work. Currently i am creating a project which is built around the idea of abstracting colourful fragments of buildings and exploring minimalist compositions. Inspirations such as the likes of Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko play a heavy role within these projects. The photographs use a set photographic style of High ISO on a Canon 7D camera, ISO’s such as 6400 work really well for grain. This grain adds a textured feel and along with ICM (intentional camera movement) Photography the effect a more painterly look is achieved.

abstract expressionism photography

Abstract Expressionism photography has always been at the heart of my photography since i first started, abstraction was a first love and a great way of experimenting in my early days with photography.

abstract expressionist photography

high iso icm abstract photographyI have also been working on another experiment in Abstract Expressionism photography which is an ongoing series of black and white Abstract Grain Photography.

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