Street Observations – Introducing a Human Presence

The more I focused on landscapes or the natural the environment the more I was in search of a subject matter that was void of a strong human presence. Over time I have increasingly become aware that I am taking great pleasure in allowing a human element into my photography. I’ve presented a collection of street observations which helps towards indicating a maturity in my 50mm F1/.8 work. Even with the 50mm photography project I have always looking for a scene that was void of people. Even with a city scene i would look to portray some solitude. Solitude is certainly something I love to strive for in my landscape photography.

Naturally I am attracted to shapes, forms, textures and certainly flashes of colour. With this laying somewhere deep in my subconscious I am constantly and naturally always composing scenes in my mind. When composing street scenes I would often wait for a clearing of people and then take the shot. I still do this when I feel i’d prefer the scene to feel some sort of quietness. However over the course of a few years I have started to allow people to interrupt my compositions. Or to find people within the compositions that has interested me. Quite often this will involve plenty of vertical, horizontal lines and the heavy use of blurred framing.

I am no Bruce Gilden or William Klein that’s for sure. Their brash and bold personalities are what make their street photography the type that has an edge, an urban grittiness. I’ve also perceived the world slightly different. A more silent observation and an observation that is seen from a few steps back from the event that is happening in front of your eyes.

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